I found the great post from someone named Laggard on the Bass Recourse website.

Somewhat surprised no one has jumped on this one yet, but a study published just last month in the journal Current Zoology confirmed some interesting details on bass vision that have been suggested by others over the years. These included the following;


  • Bass have dichromatic color vision, with green sensitive single cones and red sensitive twin cones, along with a rod cell. This has been compared to seeing the world through a yellow filter, which would give the poorest vision (color discrimination) toward the blue/purple end of the spectrum.
  • As far as bass are concerned, chartreuse yellow is indistinguishable from white.
  • Also, the behavioral assays indicated that blue is indistinguishable from black.
  • Red and green were the most easily identified and distinguished colors.
  • They saw little if any difference in outcomes when comparing Florida strain bass to northern strain fish.


Obviously, there are no absolutes in terms of making definitive statements on bass vision and what their interpretation in their little brains is. It can be especially difficult when comparing lab analysis to field conditions. One thing you can count on…manufacturers will keep selling and profiting off chartreuse-white and black-blue baits, while bass anglers will keep believing in these color combinations and continue to buy them. However, the accumulating science (going back to 1937) is beginning to suggest perhaps we’ve all been ‘fooled.’

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